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Clay Mask

Your everlasting beauty.
extraordinary claymask
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Vit C + Manuka honey
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Swisse is the Australian market leader in the vitamins, herbal and mineral supplements (VHMS) market and a primary contributor to the growth of the category. We have expanded our product range over time to cover a broad suite of health and wellness products. As a world leader in a dynamic high-growth industry, Swisse is constantly evolving and expanding. Our leadership and organisational structure continue to support Swisse’s development to become a truly global brand.

The evolution of Swisse Wellness is an Australian success story that began with founder Kevin Ring selling pollen tablets in a humble Melbourne bakery in 1969, inspired during a trip around the world. From the outset, Kevin’s dream of making people all over the world healthier and happier (H&H) was embedded in the Swisse DNA and drove the evolution of the product range we have today, formulated to support optimal health and wellbeing through all life stages.